It’s time for a new type of weed control

Foamstream by Weedingtech

Is your weed control process akin to painting the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco – meaning that by the time you’ve finished you have to go back to the beginning and start again?

Since the 1940s, herbicides have been the most relied upon weed control solution throughout the world. As more herbicides with different modes of action have become developed, so to the weeds have developed to become herbicide resistant. This has become a major global issue in agriculture, including throughout Australia.

The first case of herbicide resistance in Australia was reported in 1982 and, since this initial report, the number of cases has steadily increased. In 1997, Australia had the fourth most number of herbicide-resistant unique cases and, in 2014, Australia had risen to second in the world for the most herbicide-resistant weeds (62, second to the USA with 144). In 2016 it was estimated that herbicide resistant weeds increased herbicide costs in Australia by $103 million.

So, what does this all mean? More cost, more time spent dealing with the problem, more risk to people and the environment through increased herbicide use are all really pertinent issues related to herbicide resistance. Many people have explored integrated weed management options, but there are associated incremental costs and a requiring for more resource to be able to make this work, and it doesn’t deliver the short term results that many growers are looking for.

Naturally, as the effectiveness of traditional herbicides wains and hand weeding being neither cost or resource efficient, many people are now turning towards more sustainable forms of weed management. Thankfully, this is where Foamstream distributed by Weedingtech Australia, comes in to its own. Foamstream is the world’s leading weed-control solution. Herbicide-free, non-toxic and made of completely natural ingredients – Foamstream works by subjecting weeds to high temperatures, ensuring that the plant is either killed or severely damaged in the process.

Contracter using Foamstream by Weedingtech

The patented Foamstream process combines hot water and an organically-derived biodegradable foam, delivered through one of Weedingtech’s range of machines. The active ingredient is the hot water, with the foam acting as an ‘insulation blanket’, preventing the heat from escaping and keeping the water in the ‘kill zone’ for longer. The heat penetrates the waxy outer layer of the leaf, travels down the stem and into the roots – killing or severely damaging the plant and causing it to die. In addition to eradicating the plant, Foamstream also sterilises surrounding seeds and spores that haven’t yet germinated, helping to reduce future weed growth.

By combining the most effective method, the fewest treatment cycles per year, and the ability to sterilise seeds and spores, Foamstream has the lowest cost of ownership and operating costs in the alternative herbicide-free space. Because it can be used for more than just weed control, the commercial case for using Foamstream speaks for itself.

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