Not just for weeds… Urban cleaning with Foamstream

Foamstream urban cleaning

Of course, we love to talk up the sustainable weed management credentials of Foamstream given that it’s the world’s leading herbicide-free solution. Less spoken about, but just as impressive, are the urban cleaning and sanitisation capabilities of the Foamstream system.

Clean and well-maintained community spaces have a transformative effect on the well-being of residents and the experience of visitors. These spaces include parks, streets, beaches, and public facilities, and they serve as hubs of social interaction, leisure, and relaxation. A commitment to urban cleaning goes beyond aesthetics; it reflects a commitment to the health and happiness of the community. Lord Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore, emphasises this point: “Clean and vibrant community spaces are the heart of our city. They create a sense of pride and belonging among residents, and they leave a lasting impression on our visitors.”

This is where Foamstream comes in. It can be used for many cleaning and sanitisation tasks such as gum removal, street cleaning and power washing. Local authorities and contractors can use Foamstream to clean benches, street signs, bins and even remove moss and algae from smooth metal and plastic surfaces.

Foamstream pavement cleaningFoamstream delivers a thorough clean at a low-pressure, eliminating the risk of surface damage associated with conventional high-pressure systems. Conventional pressure washers have a temperature of around 50°c / 122°F, whereas Foamstream has the unique advantage of a lower-pressure solution with an elevated temperature. Foamstream can also be used at a high pressure setting, matching the capabilities of pressure washers and effectively cleaning dirt and grime on harder surfaces. Unlike traditional pressure washers, Foamstream will sanitise the affected area using its patented heat process as opposed to merely moving pathogens from point A to point B.

Foamstream can also be used for general cleaning tasks such as outdoor seating areas, children’s play parks and more. Given that Foamstream is herbicide-free, there’s no need to cordon off treatment areas prior to, during, or after treatment, as the product is safe for people, animals and delicate ecosystems. In addition, it can be used on flat and vertical surfaces too, making it highly effective, versatile, and user-friendly.

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