Protecting plants, and nursery owners, with Foamstream

Nurseries provide the perfect conditions for weed germination thanks to the combination of moist air and fertile soil. This often means that nursery owners are spending a lot of time, money and effort to control weeds on their property – all whilst having to protect and grow their inventory.

Foamstream being used in a nursery setting

Traditionally, herbicides such as glyphosate would be used by nursery owners to control unwanted weeds. Last year, an Australian-first study by researchers from The University of Queensland found that 8% of urine samples drawn from the general public contained traces of glyphosate – which can be ingested in food or water, or inhaled or absorbed through the skin when using weed killer products.

The great news for nursery owners and operators is that Foamstream offers more than just herbide-free weed control and vegetation management, it is also used as an organically-approved fungicide that can be used to control the various moss and algae varieties that grow in the nursery environment.

Now available in Australia through Weedingtech Australia for demonstration, rental and sales, Foamstream is the world’s leading weed-control solution. Herbicide-free, non-toxic and made of completely natural ingredients, Foamstream is safe and doesn’t require environmental permits for use. As it’s chemical-free, Foamstream can be used freely with no concern of contamination.

The benefits of using Foamstream over traditional herbicides in a nursery setting are numerous:

  • It is safe for use by operators, and those who purchase the plants
  • Reduces the risk of inventory damage that can be caused by the use of glysphosate
  • Sprayable in any weather
  • Instant results and a reduced number of treatments per year
  • Variable lance sizes allowing for treatment between plants and pots
  • It can also be used to deep clean, sanitise and decontaminate

Foamstream works by subjecting weeds to high temperatures, ensuring that the plant is either killed or severely damaged in the process. The insulating layer of our patented foam works as a thermal blanket over the hot water, which makes sure this process is able to take place.

Nursery and vineyard owners throughout Australia should contact us today on 1300 866 911 or to discuss how Foamstream can support their business through the safe, cost and resource-efficient management of weeds and unwanted vegetation.

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